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Check Engine Lt. Diagnose

Price: $0
Inspect and scan for engine trouble codes and advise While you wait

Restrictions: Any further diagnose and confirming the trouble codes at additional cost.


Complete Clutch Job

Price: $0
$100 OFF on complete clutch job: Remove and replace pressure plate, clutch disc, throw-out bearing, pilot bearing, change trans fluid, turn or replace flywheel.

Restrictions: Must present this coupon at the time of write up to validate.


Exhaust System

Price: $65
We'll inspect exhaust system including manifolds, pipes, catalytic conver, muffler and O2 sensors and advise with an estimate

Restrictions: $65 diagnose fee will be credited towards to repair


4 Way Alignment

Price: $0
$20 off from regular price Computerized 4 Way Alignment

Restrictions: **for most vehicles..some restrictions apply. SUVs,vans,4X4,trucks extra. call for price


$20 Off or $35 Off

Price: $0
Get $20 off on any brake job $375 and up or $35 off on any brake job $475 or more

Restrictions: Must present this coupon at write up


FREE Brake Inspection

Price: $0
Inspect 4 way brake system including hydraulic system. Free tire rotation upon request. Check all tire pressures.

Restrictions: Coupon must be presented before write up with appointments only.


Engine Diagnose Free 1hr.

Price: $130
Diagnose and inspect engine system including road test and scan check upto 1 hr. of time

Restrictions: One hour of $130 diagnose fee will be credited towards to repair only when diagnose is 2hrs. or more. Must present coupon at write up


AC Recharge

Price: $0
$20 off from regular price Inspect & diagnose Air conditioning & Evacuate/ Recharge AC system

Restrictions: Normal cost is $195 **Coupon must be presented at write up to validate**


LOF - lube, oil, & filter

Price: $0
$5 off from regular price Change oil, oil filter, lub chassis if applicable, check fluid and tire pressure

Restrictions: **for most vehicles, upto 5qts of 5w30.. full synthetic oil,SUVs,vans,light trucks extra. Call for price for your vehicle** one per family valid one time only


$5.00 OFF or $10.00 OFF

Price: $0
You'll get instant $5 off on any of our regular oil change or get $10 off on our full synthetic oil change

Restrictions: $39+tax for average oil changes and $89+tax for full synthetic oil change **Must present this coupon at write up to validate** for most vehicles


Fault Code -Ck. Eng. Lt.

Price: $0
Scan for check engine light trouble codes and advise

Restrictions: $110 diagnose fee will be credited towards to repair


Minor/Major Service

Price: $0
$25 OFF on minor/ $50 OFF on major service. Perform factory maintenance required service Service A & B, Inspection I & II

Restrictions: $395 for an average minor service $550 for an average major service **Please call for an exact quote for your vehicle** Example of most 4 cyl. Toyotas, Hondas Coupon must be presented before write up to validate.


Radiator- Coolant Flush

Price: $0
$20 off from regular price Inspect, flush,and diagnose cooling system Including pressure test, inspect belts and hoses

Restrictions: Green coolant only. Special, red, pink, blue and Dexcool at additional cost



Car Care Tip of the day

Replacing your wiper blades twice a year - in spring and fall -- assures your windshield will stay streak free for maximum visibility when foul weather strikes.

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